***Please be aware that baits are filtered to be as close to the color to the naked eye as possible, bait color may vary from bait to bait as these are hand injected***


The Don Harper Package includes the following baits in quantities of 25 baits per bag:

2 bags      6” Slim Stix

1 bag        6” Brush Hogs

1 bag        4" Baby brush hogs

1 bag        5” Jerk shad

1 bag       10” Ribbon tail worms

2 bags      6” Lizards

5 bags      4" Stump Thumper jig trailers

1 bag        6” Flat Belly Shaky Worms

Orders can take up to 3-4 weeks due to the baits being hand injected, the complexity of the color schemes used in this order as well as the number of customers ordering this product. Please be patient as you wait on this order. I will email out when your baits are finished.

Don Harper Package